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On this page you will find more detailed information about our services as well as insights into our latest projects in the field of search engine optimization and website performance.

website seo

website seo

Each of our projects undergoes our standardized process. In our website SEO packages, this means that in our planning of each job, we first evaluate, scrape and scan the current website. This status quo helps us decide what needs to be done. 

This can change from website to website. What exactly search engine optimization is and what measures belong to it, you will find here.

website SEO

webshop seo

webshop seo

Not only your website, but also the products in your webshop have to be found. Especially in competitive industries, it is important that the product page itself ranks as high as possible to generate a purchase with just a few clicks. 

The challenge: to rank higher than the competition with comparatively little text and content. After all, product listings with a length of 1000 words would not only look bad, but also deter the end consumer. 

Kombiniert mit verschiedenen Tricks aus der SEO-Toolkiste wie zum Beispiel Backlinks, können wir tolle Ergebnisse erziehlen. 

What really matters when it comes to product listings, you can here read in one of our blogs. 

webshop SEO

local seo

Local seo

Regional gefunden zu werden ist vor allem bei lokalen Dienstleistern, Restaurants, Bars und Stores vor Ort sehr essentiell. Heutzutage nutzt niemand mehr “Gelbe Seiten” oder jegliche Telefonbücher. Die einzige Enzyklopädie für Pizzarias, die Bar um die Ecke oder “Lauras Nähstube” ist die Goolge Suche. 

We help businesses get listed at the top of search engine searches with Google my Business. After all, we all know that no one searches for a nearby sushi store on the third page. 

What points need to be considered for Local SEO, you can here read.

backlinks building

backlink building

Backlinks contribute to having your own website linked on other blogs, sites. This not only helps to increase your target audience, but also pleases the algorithms of search engines very much. After all, backlinks are a kind of status symbol in the meta world. 

Viele Backlinks bedeutet, dass die Website sehr beliebt ist. Aber Achtung: Es gibt viele Punkte, die zu beachten sind, wenn man mit Backlinks spielt. Schnell kann man unseriöse Angebote im Internet finden, die unzählige Backlinks anbieten. Suchmaschinen erkennen die Qualität einer Seite – auch einer Backlinkseite. Wenn man auf einer “falschen” Website verlinkt wird, kann dies schnell zu Negativmarketing führen und man wird digital abgestraft. 

Read our current blog about backlinks and learn more about this topic.

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