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scalability as the key to success

As a successful agency, you don't like to turn down large and extensive projects. But often the right resources cannot be created so quickly and in the short term.

Our USP: Scalability - not with generators, bots and scrapers but with a large number of employees and freelance writers. This decision makes it easy to consistently deliver high quality content - no matter the project size. 

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Frederik Nielsen
Frederik Nielsen@Words Sounds Visuals
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DSS did an excellent job and I'll be sure to reach out to him for future projects.
Syed Asad Raza
Syed Asad Raza@Pro Service Firm
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My company "Pro Service Firm" works with several clients and for us Victor stands out as one of the best clients we have worked with. We had a great experience working with him on one of the translation projects. Victor was always there to answer any query we had and we found him to be highly professional, smart, and polite. It's been a real pleasure having him as a client and I wish him all the success. Looking forward to working with him again, soon.
Kate Zak
Kate Zak@Dolphin Corp
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Very professional and productive. You can be sure to recieve your work ready in time with high quality.

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Content writing

Texts and writings are very time consuming to create. Especially when it comes to a large number of words and a small project timeframe, we can strongly support with our team of writers.


bulk solutions

The implementation of hundreds or thousands of texts (for example for webshops) requires not only a lot of time, but above all a lot of resources. That is why we work with systems that copy written texts in the correct (or country-specific) UTF code into table formats or bulksheets. This allows a simplified upload of a mass of written content.

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Basically, we are very open to projects from all industries. However, we have been able to gain the most experience in consumer, everyday technology, products of all kinds, finance and blockchain technologies, iGambling and company profiles or websites.

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