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On this page you will find more detailed information about our affiliate marketing projects as well as services we offer explicitly for this market.



The majority of our writers work for us on a part-time basis. It is important to us that they can show expertise, experience and specialist knowledge in their texts. 

Some of our writers come from the business sector and deal with world finance on a daily basis. Through structured research processes, the latest information can be transformed into converting affiliate texts with the highest quality. In addition to knowledge of the subject, a certain writing style with persuasive power is also important to ensure clicks or deals on the affiliate site. 

Sites for which we have already had the opportunity to work:

crypto & nft

crypto & NFT

Eine Vielzahl unserer Autoren hat sich neben dem Finance Sektor auch auf Kryptotechnolgien spezialisiert. Uns ist wichtig, dass wir nicht einfach Informationen aus anderen Artikeln wiederverwerten und somit “re- oder upcyceln”, sondern die jeweilige Techologie analysieren, verstehen und den Lesern gut erklären können. Und zwar so, dass sie das Thema verstehen und anschließend überzeugt sind zu investieren. 


Sites for which we have already had the pleasure of working on this topic:




Affiliate marketing sites thrive on exciting copy that is relevant to their target audience. The best way to do this is to put yourself in the reader's shoes, so to speak, and deliver exactly the information they want to hear. 

This is exactly the challegé in the igaming category. On the one hand, the texts should be fast-moving and playful, similar to the advertised products. On the other hand, you also want to build up a certain seriousness. Finding the right balance and then writing it down is a task that may not be recognized for the time being.

Some of our writers are already specialized in exactly such texts and know exactly what is important for affiliate texts in the field of igaming. 

Sites for which we have already had the opportunity to work:

betting & e-sports

betting & E-sports

In the sports sector, one thing is essential: speed. 
Games and matches can change within minutes and seconds. It is especially important for our customers to quickly get texts that play on the most current stories in sports. 

Saisonbedingt wie zum Beispiel bei der Formel 1 oder Fußball Weltmeisterschaften sowie Tennistouniere stocken wir unser Autorenteam auf, um echte “Experten” an den Texten schreiben zu lassen, und zwar binnen wenigen Minuten und Stunden. 

Sites for which we have already had the opportunity to work:


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